Make Your Bed!

Our mom’s words. Well, some of ours. My mom rarely told me to make my bed. I make my bed every single day. I made my bed when I lived on my own, in the house I still own out in Three Hills. (Currently rented out…sorry everyone) It was just me and the kids. But my bedroom was amazing. I had this massive bed and it took a bit of work to make it. And I even posted a picture of it on Facebook. I loved coming home after work and after all the house work, homework and spending time with the kids and their friends, I would go upstairs, and breathe a sigh of relief at my bed and my clean room. I just had this sense of pride when looking at my bed. Perhaps because of what it symbolized. I was not lazy. It was in my own room in a house I bought on my own and continued to maintain as a single mom. As a single mom, I kept my home clean, paid the bills, made crab apple crumble in the fall from the tree outside, my kids slept with me in my bed when they were scared and sometimes, when they weren’t scared – and sometimes when I was scared. Snuggling, storytelling, sleeping alone and feeling independent and grown up. The comforter was amazing and I even had seasonal sheets. Summer’s sheets were crisp and white and winter’s sheets were thick and soft. All of the bedding was given to me by my momma. So I made my bed. And now, living with the love of my life, I make it because it still looks good, it feels good and getting into bed at night is way easier if we don’t have to make our bed. Our bedroom is organized and there is still that sense of accomplishment and success when I walk into our room and the bed is made. 

I was doing some research on organization and life skills as I do for each client and came across some statistics on people who made their beds. There are stats on everything. I bet there are stats on how successful red heads are in keeping plants alive. These are some of the reasons we should make our beds.

  • It’s a relatively easy habit to get into and doesn’t take that long.
  • It is a very small and tangible form of control over your environment
  • It gives you a feeling of less chaos in your bedroom – a place that should be regarded as relaxing and safe.

Here is where it gets interesting:

  • 72% of people who make their beds consider themselves to be happy
  • 62% of non-bed makers consider themselves to be unhappy
  • Bed makers are more likely to enjoy their lives, their careers, exercise regularly, feel more rested and get a good night’s sleep, and are more likely to own a home
  • Non bed makers are just the opposite. They are more likely to hate their jobs, rent apartments, wake up feeling floppy due to a bad night’s sleep, and are less likely to exercise.

Just to play devil’s advocate and be fair, there were some studies done that suggest that making your bed invites more dust mites due to the spreading of dead skin cells while making your bed. That said, if you vacuum or sweep your bedroom floor, then you’re good to go.

So I say, make your bed people! Make a commitment to yourself and hold yourself accountable. Should you have a partner you share your bed with, hold each other accountable. Make your bed! Try it for a week and see how you feel. 

This picture was uploaded to facebook on July 25, 2007. 

2 thoughts on “Make Your Bed!

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