Generosity and Gratitude

Last weekend I went to a kidney fundraiser put on by the TLB Group. This fundraiser consisted of a group of behind the scenes volunteers and more than 30 original Calgary bands, and was held at a Studio 82 here in Calgary. The work that went into this must have been monumental. The bands were all mind blowing, the staff at the venue were all so friendly, and then there were the donations! $6,672 was raised. That’s some serious generosity.

The dictionary definition of Generosity is “Sharing Freely” according to my 1993 Webster’s Dictionary. I asked around, How do you feel when you give generously? Everyone I asked said they felt some form of positivity. Warm and fuzzy, good, helpful, a sense of community and belonging, sense of compassion, and so on. Not one person said they felt bad or negative in any way. They were all glad to help. I really appreciate that a lot of my friends were there and giving their time, energy and musical talent to raise money for this cause. I donated to the auction for this event and it made me feel so good. So if we all give a little more, donate to a cause, (local or otherwise), volunteer, buy a coffee for the guy behind you in line at the drive through (pay it forward) not only does it help others, but you lead by example and it makes you feel good.

Gratitude – as per my dictionary: The state of appreciation and gratefulness; thankfulness. A friend of mine, Ashley writes a blog for Ty The iPhone Guy. One blog was about all these great apps you can get. The one that caught my eye was the Gratitude App. Ash wrote,

 “They challenge you to write 5 things you are grateful for every day for a month and see how your life changes.” She followed it by saying, “Some of my entries are profound (I know I am just one person, but I am hugely loved and I am grateful for my life.)”

You really should check out the link. It’s pretty amazing.

I asked everyone I have mentioned in this blogpost if I could drop their names. One of the responses I got back was from Ty, he said

“Gratitude is truly a saving grace, especially when times seem hard. I’ve had a gratitude journal for a few years now, and can safely say that it has changed my life for the better. And when things seem off, I also notice that I haven’t been doing my daily practice.”

Inspiring words from both of them. I ended up getting the gratitude app. And you know what? Since I started using it, I feel so good. And thankful. Give it a try.

Thanks so much for reading my blog!



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