This Is My Mother’s Day Post!

Needless to say, this is a fantastically busy world we live in. How are we supposed to balance the things in our lives that we need to do, want to do, should do and don’t want to do?

Scientific studies have shown, time and time again, that when a child is neglected there can be severe consequences. Brain scans have shown us that the brain of a child who has been severely neglected grows much less and have less volume than that of a child who has been nurtured. Many of these studies have concluded that these neglected children are way more likely to exhibit lack of compassion, lack of empathy and social skills and they have a harder time being able to develop strong bonds and manage stress. These children often develop early onset depression and are negative attention seekers. The impact on children who have not been nurtured is huge. And it’s sad. As they grow into teenagers and then adults, they are more likely to commit crimes, abuse their own children and spouses have addiction problems.

Scientific studies have also concluded that children who are loved and nurtured by their parents are more likely to exhibit a healthy amount of compassion, empathy, and are able to develop healthy and strong bonds. They manage stress better and in general are in better physical and mental health both as children and adults. Once adults, they are less likely to be abusive and have addictive personalities. Here is one more little fact for you:

Children who have been nurtured by a mother (specifically) have more volume in the child’s hippocampus, an area in the brain that is responsible for learning, stress response and memory.

 We need to be available to our children. We need to nurture them and spend time with them and love them and be good parents. So maybe the next time your children come to you with a question, needed advice, want to tell you a story, tell you something about their day, make time for them. Set down your smart phone and engage in the conversation. Ask them questions, nurture them. Hug them and tuck them in at night or give them space if they need it. Be their parent. And to all the mother’s out there who do it all, you ladies are amazing!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! 


This post is dedicated to my children, Matt and Missi, whom I love and adore and am inspired by, and also to my momma. I love you momma!


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