Moving Forward

One of the things I love most about what I do is the ability to love and appreciate being part of someone’s successes. I love celebrating their achievements with them. This week has been amazing for that. Watching people shine has always been one of my favorite things. As a very dedicated and driven coach, mediator and facilitator, I get to see this all the time. J

The fact is, that people experience a major setback or difficulty or stress every 90 days. And I bet you could each list 5 methods of dealing with this stress right off the top of your head. Let’s try! And go! Exercising/sports, positive self-talk, hugs, eating, creating more stress to distract you from the other stress. There’s my 5. Anyway, some of these are very helpful and promote a balanced life. I truly believe that it’s how you handle the difficulty or stress that makes or breaks you. (See previous post)

One of my favorite ways of coaching you through challenging times is intervening when I see destructive or negative behaviors that stand in the way of you reaching your goal. I do this by holding you accountable – giving you a wakeup call, if you will. Because once you receive that call, you can’t un-receive it. Therefore, you are accountable. Now you know. And I don’t want to focus on what those behaviors are, just as long as you know. I’m not huge in to scolding, (My children would say I’m more the lecture/learn based kinda person) however; identifying those behaviors is a big step in your path to success. Now that you understand what was limiting your success, let’s MOVE FORWARD. No excuses.

That is when I get to see huge change and successes. And that’s when I get to celebrate with you and honor your courage and growth. It really does motivate and inspire me to do what I do. That’s where I get my integrity and my commitment to succeed as your coach. It’s my fuel and I love it!

Here’s a challenge for you, if you’re in:
Identify one of your barriers, give yourself a wakeup call and eliminate that barrier from your life. Don’t be too hard on yourself and focus on your limitations and negative behaviors. Instead, celebrate your new knowledge and move forward. Then celebrate some more when you decide to take that next step and move forward again.

Thank you all for your time. Thanks for reading this and I have added a comment form. It will come directly to my inbox and I will get back to you within 24 hours. If you want it to remain private, let me know in the form and I won’t publish it. Thanks so, so much!

Season 😀


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