Q & A Tuesday’s!

Every Tuesday, I answer questions on my Facebook Page. A wonderful friend of mine suggested that I post some of the questions and answers. Great idea!!! I thought I would post them here because I didn’t want to have a long long post or post a billion times answering these questions. Here they are!

“If you could suggest one thing, tool, advice, to help me organize my home, what would it be?”

Hire me! I am really good at what I do. I help people de-clutter their lives, both personally and professionally. And I love it. However; ask and you shall receive. A quote I love to share with my clients is “Begin with the end in mind.” Steven Covey. Brilliant man. Really have a good look around and envision what you want your home to look like. Get a really clear picture of what is functional, what you love, what you treasure and what you need. It is really important to spend time imagining what your space will look like. Picture what yourself walking through the door and setting your keys down or hanging them up. Set your shoes aside and put your bag down. Walk into the kitchen and get a glass of water. What do you see to your left and your right? What can you smell? What reaction will your guests have to your new space? When you imagine or envision your end goal, your brain tells you that you have something to work towards and you are more likely to get it done. J

“How do I get my kids to listen to me?” (this person stated that they were younger children)

If I knew, I would tell ya. Lol. Isn’t that a great question? I have a great answer. Talk WITH them. Value their input. Actively listen to them. They will see that behavior and mimic it. Give them time to speak as well. 🙂
I caught a hint of “when I say no to them, they whine and cry” in your email. To address that; Be consistent. I see parents all the time telling their kids no, while they are at the supermarket. “No. I said no! No…no…no…” and then finally the child throws a fit and the parent caves and says, “Fine. But you have to stop crying!” So what the child is learning here is this; If I scream and cry and persist, I get what I want, eventually. This is no easy task, especially if your children are used to your “no…no…no…no…yes” answers. But be strong and be consistent. Again, Begin with the end in mind. When you tell your children to go to bed, they do! Or when you ask them to clean their room and instead of freaking out, they maybe try bargain with you. But you stay strong and tell them that they have to now. Great question!

“I laugh sometimes when I get nervous. It makes people really mad. How do I stop?”

Unfortunately, my mom, daughter and I all suffer from this affliction. In fact, I am smiling right now, thinking about all the times people have been really upset at me thinking that I am not being serious or taking their feelings or point of view seriously. It’s common. Honestly, just tell them. Say something like, “So, I have this thing when I get nervous…sometimes I laugh. Please don’t think that I am being rude or laughing at you or not taking you seriously. You are important to me and so is what you have to say.” Here is a great article about why we laugh: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/happiness-in-world/201101/why-we-laugh I hope it helps. J

“I have always been motivated to better my body and stay strong and healthy, you know, for yourself and your partner and to stay comfy in your clothes…but lately I could not give a sh*t.”

This was from my friend, the same person who suggested that I post these questions. Ashley Deer is one of my favorite people to hug. For real. That whole family is just amazing. So here goes…
I have looked online and in my books about motivation. They all have something in common. Every one of them suggests that you set goals. Try asking yourself a few questions:

  • In what ways will I benefit from exercising?
  • Why is it important for me to exercise?
  • How will I feel after I exercise?

Here are a few more tips.

  • Put your goals and results on paper. When you write things down you have more of commitment to follow.
  • Join Forces! Invite a friend to exercise with you, find someone with like-minded goals and do this together.
  • Set up a time each day and really commit to it. A classmate and coach said to me, “There are 1,440 minutes in a day, I think you can commit to 30 of them.” She is so funny. But it’s true. Write down your commitment. Say it to yourself out loud.
  • Focus on the benefits. Not only will you feel better, but exercise is important. It’s good to model that behavior to your family and friends.
  • Switch it up. Our brains love variety. Don’t stay on that treadmill in the basement for 3 months. Try different types of yoga. Take a different path when you run.
  • Reward yourself. At the end of your session, take special note of how you feel. Both inside and out. Notice your earned sweat and deep breaths. Notice how strong you feel, even how empowered you feel.

Thanks for sharing! 😀

Thank you all for allowing me to publish these. It’s been fun! I hope you all have a great week.



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