Q & A Tuesday – July 9, 2013

I received a few questions about staying motivated and one about someone feeling like they aren’t getting their message across. So I’m going to answer all the motivation ones and then move on to the person who feels like they aren’t getting their message across. Ready? Here goes!

I need motivation to stay in shape

Sometimes, it’s really hard to be excited and motivated about my job. Help me!

Can you give me some general motivation tips please?

Motivation to stay in shape, being excited and motivated about your job or general motivation tips. It’s really all a matter of “how do I become enthused, excited or inspired about ________?” My suggestions are

  • Ask yourself what you used to like about staying in shape/your job/in general and the benefits of it.
  • Ask yourself what has changed? What about said activity seems less enjoyable? Perhaps it’s something as easy as making the activity more enjoyable by changing your routine or smiling more often. Or maybe it’s more of a challenge – bigger than you originally thought. Either way, you are aware and that’s half the battle right there!
  • Ask yourself what about your state of mind are you in when you feel unmotivated – are you tired, sad, low energy, frustrated? Being aware of your state of mind is really key. Here’s a huge tip – you have the ability to change your state of mind. That, my friends, is a challenge sometimes. Breathe, look up, smile – sincerely and tell yourself (self talk) that you do like your activity, and why. “I like going to work because _____ (I like the people there, I like getting paid, I like social interaction, I like recognition, etc.)
  • Write these down in your journal. When you write things down, you are able to recall them faster and more in depth.

Those are just a few quick tips. For more, keep reading my blogs – and hire a coach!

When me and my boyfriend argue, I feel like he isn’t getting what I am trying to say.

That’s a great question. Please, please, please read the blog I wrote called “Wanna Fight?” It’s a great post about communication. I think it’s important, and I can’t stress this enough, check your intent. What message do you want him to receive? How is your mood when you are speaking? Are you open to his input? I really feel it’s best that you go into any discussion with your boyfriend with the attitude and intent, “I want to resolve this.” Not “I want to be right!” Also, empathy is huge here. I know that when people are not seeing eye-to-eye, it’s a communication thing. That can be solved with things like actively listening, being empathetic – really put yourself in his shoes and ask that he open to the same with you. “How would you like it if…” isn’t a great way to meet that need. Rather, “I really need you to see where I am coming from. So I’m going to tell you how this has affected me.”

I hope I have addressed the issues at hand. As I said before, I really love these questions. You guys rule.

Also, thank you all for sharing, liking and reading these posts. Until next time – I bid you farwell.

Season. J

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