Q & A Tuesday July 16, 2013

Hi everyone! I have 3 topics I’m gonna cover. First 2 are questions and the last one is a surprise! Sort of…. I mean, you could skip all the way down and it would be a surprise, but it’s a surprise to me, cause I don’t know what it is yet! HA!

The first question, I am so glad it was asked. My daughter is going for a job interview tomorrow – and someone else asked this:

“What’s the most important thing to do when prepping for an interview?”

When I worked in property management and real estate, I was in charge of some of the hiring and firing of people. In my opinion, someone who knew a lot about the company and they position they were applying for, was a huge factor. So research the company as much as you can. As well as the position you are applying for. There are the common tips and pointers, such as not bringing in coffee, chewing gum, dressing modestly and appropriately, talking too much, being late – that sort of thing. But there are also those questions! The ones that are super hard to answer. “Tell me about a time when you were in a conflict, how did you handle it?” or “What are 3 weaknesses and 3 strengths about you?” Oh, and my favorite, “Why should we hire you?” My favorite to ask was, “How do you elevate success?” Hahaha! Watch them squirm! Just kidding. I would bring a small, classy note book, or even a portfolio type thing with a copy of your resume and in very point form, answers to these questions. Like this:

  • Weaknesses – perfectionist, sometimes I spend too much time on a project

    Used to schedule appointments last minute, but now I realize that it’s better to plan ahead

  • Strengths – Organization, I love to keep an organized desk – that way I am more productive
  • Why hire me? – I am motivated to be an excellent team player, salesman, dog groomer, whatever. I am passionate about blah blah blah, punctual, I received an award whatever

You get the point. Oh, and confidence! Walk in there like you are the only option. But be careful not to be overconfident. One last thing, there are a tonne of interview questions and answer samples online. Just google Job interview questions and you will be well prepared! Good Luck!

The second question was:

“What’s the real reason you do these Q & A Tuesdays?”

I have a 2 part answer. 1 – Perhaps someone reading this will see what I have to offer and will hire me as their Coach or Professional Organizer. And 2 – Because it is in my heart and soul and being to help people. I really do very sincerely, love the doing what I do. And if I can help for free and get a few clients on the way, awesome right?

Now for the surprise. I have noticed that on my wordpress blog, I have been getting so many likes and people following me. And compliments! I really just can thank you guys enough. It’s really encouraging and awesome to know that my words are impacting people positively. I’m sitting here at my desk, with my trusty laptop and a few papers, in my home in Calgary, Alberta and I just can’t believe that people all over the world are reading what I type and liking it. It’s such a great feeling. And it’s motivating me to do my best. So thank you all. Really. Love you!

Please feel free to head on over to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/yourlifesolutionscalgary and like it. Once I get to 100 likes, I can make a super cool offer. Thank you all again so much.


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