Can You Smell That?!

I was informed this week, by my best friend Tina (works in palliative care) that when you are terminal, you finally stop – pause and take time to enjoy the little things. Smell the roses, if you will. Why do we wait until we are terminal, until we get that news that we are going to die, to smell the roses. I have some news folks – we are all going to die. You, me, that guy, and even her. We are all terminal. Sorry to break that news to ya. Now that you know, why don’t you take the time now?

In our lives of not enough time, traffic jams, recitals, promotions, marriage, kids – we rush through so much that we really lose some connection to the things we are doing. Multi-tasking. When you multi-task, it’s impossible for you to completely focus on all that you are doing.

  1. You are texting your co-worker to set up a meeting tomorrow as you
  2. Walk in the door with your bag and your keys and
  3. Your child is pawing at you asking for a snack which made you realize that
  4. Your stomach just rumbled and you are hungry too
  5. You forgot to grab some yogurt from the grocery store.

Now that your head is full of these things, how can you focus completely on everything? So you have lost a little bit of connection to all of these things. And we all need to feel that sense of connection. You are alive, living. But how often do you realize that you are alive? That your heart is beating and you are breathing? “Of course I am alive, Season! Duh!” Yes you are, but how often do you appreciate it? How often do you enjoy your breath and all that it does for you? Stop for a sec, close your eyes. Exhale deeply then slowly breathe all the air that you can into your lungs and let it out – feel it leave your lungs. You just gave life to every single cell in your body. Do it again! Fun right? Also, I don’t know about you, but it’s refreshing.

That meeting is important, sure; but your son’s nourishment is more important. So tell your cute child that he can have a banana and use your manners while asking him to grab you one as well and meet you at the table so you can sit down and enjoy a few minutes together. While he is doing that, shoot your co-worker a text saying, “Hey Jim, it would work best for me if we could have the meeting at 11am. Does that work for you?” Now you can sit down with your child and ask him how his day was! Find out what he learned, what his favorite part of the day was. Then tell him about yours.

At the grocery store as you walk in, you find the flowers right by the entrance and you look at the beautiful colors and soft velvety petals. And you take the time to smell the roses. You breathe in that unique smell. One that is so sought after and copied – but never quite the same.

Now do you feel that sense of being not rushed and a little less stressed? You enjoyed those moments. You appreciated them. You found value in those moments and that information that you gathered. Your child is happier because you spent time with just him, you ate a banana and you smelled flowers and don’t have to worry about setting up that meeting anymore.

How can there not be huge health benefits to that. There was a study done recently that appreciation and gratitude are directly linked to ones level of happiness and satisfaction. The study suggested that those who take the time to smell the roses and appreciate the “small” things, like the taste of honey or the amount of frosting on a mini-wheat, have a deeper sense of connection to the things and beings around them and appreciate those things and are thankful for those things. If you can be connected, appreciative and thankful for all those things, you are less stressed, happier and more satisfied.

It is in my opinion that we all should integrate this pause practice into our day to day lives. We become more efficient, effective, appreciative, satisfied, happier, less stressed and connected. Why don’t we all do this now?

I truly hope, if you take anything from this blog and these posts, that you take all that you can from this post.

Thank you all for reading and sharing and liking. J



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