Once Upon A Time

Hey! Do You Know What Time (it) Is?

I really want to explore the topic of time. Where did it come from? How effectively do you manage your time? Tools to manage your time if you want and even why it’s time to hire a life coach.

Time, according to my trusty dictionary; the past, present and future; a particular moment; hour of the day; an opportunity; the right moment; duration; occasion; musical beat; to measure or record the duration of. My favorite definition is “an opportunity” because that’s how I like to view it.

Let’s first answer the question, “where did time come from?” Well – I don’t know. And neither does anyone else really. I’ve tried calling Chronos, the Greek time keeping dude, and his phone goes directly to voicemail. He won’t return any of my calls. Maybe he’s short on time. HA! Anyway, from what I can deduce, it’s not really something that was invented, rather a concept. No one really knows who or when time was conceptualized. To satisfy my thirst for knowledge, I’m going to invent my own answer. Here goes… A bunch of people, Chronos being one of them, were sitting around their fire pit, barbecuing up some mammoth and one guy said, “You know, we really need to sort out this whole crop thing. The crops seem to grow better when the sun hangs out in the sky longer and when that liquidy stuff falls from the clouds. I think if we can sort that out, our crops will be more abundant!” So they sat around for a long TIME and figured out a system. They had sundials, bent t-bar shaped things, water dials and the like. Some worked, some didn’t and then one day, Blammo! Time!

And look how it’s evolved. It’s now time for the meeting, time for the kids to go to bed. Set the alarm! It’s time to write my blog and time to hire a coach, time to take out the garbage. TIME OUT!!! My best friend Tina just told me that there was a special on TV today about the Penan of Borneo. They have no concept of time. It will be interesting to watch that documentary to see how they live without birthdays, age, seasons, etc. Thanks Tina!

Do You Have Time?

How do you manage your day? I bet time has a massive role in how you manage your day. I know it does for me. I guess you could even say that I have become a slave to the clock. Thanks Chronos! Real mature! On a typical day, I wake up, make coffee and clean my kitchen. Do some work, go see clients, get some groceries, come home, do more work, watch 5 seconds of TV because my daughter said all I do is work and my son wants me to spend time with him, feed my pets, feed my handsome son and beautiful daughter if she is here, and do some more work, sew a pillow and update files and go to bed. Or couch. Lol.

WAIT A SECOND!!! Did I just say, “Watch 5 seconds of TV because my daughter said all I do is work and my son wants me to spend time with him.” Yes! I did! I am a better mother than that. Recently, I was rushing to do my make up in the bathroom and my son said, “I feel like you don’t really spend that much time with me.” Immediately, I responded sharply with “Yes I do! I have made way more effort lately to spend time with you. I don’t work as much, I watched TV with you, I snuggle!” Because I was in the washroom, there was a bit of an echo. I actually heard myself say that to him. So I set my mascara down and went to where he was. I apologized and told him that my efforts do matter, but more importantly, his feelings matter. If he feels like I am not spending enough time with him, then I need to take the time to pay attention to that. Maybe even manage my time better so that my kids don’t have to tell me to stop working and come chill with them. I’m sorry self, but spending 5 seconds watching TV with my children isn’t really spending quality time with them, is it? Nope. It is not. Missi and Matt are amazing kids. I am lucky to have such amazing kids; I should feel amazingly blessed that they love to spend time with me. I mean, I’m pretty funny and stuff, but they actually want to spend time with me. I’m their mom…and they want to spend time with me? AWESOME!!!! That was a big wake up call to manage my time better.

Cool Time Things!

So I have been looking for time management tools. I am a very efficient person. I love spreading that efficiency knowledge to my clients and part of that is time management. I have a vast wealth of resources at my fingertips when it comes to tools. And so do you! Google is our friend people! There is this one website, it’s amazing. Free planners! So many people are starting their own businesses now. And that’s great. But a whole lot of us are not doing so well when it comes to managing our time. So here ya go Small Business Owners! http://www.productiveflourishing.com/free-planners/

Day timers? I need an actual physical book, and time each morning, to spend sorting out my schedule. I dedicate about 10 minutes to that. (Thanks coach Maliyh!) I have been so busy lately, that it took an awesome coaching session to make me realize that I need a physical day timer book with paper and some type of writing device – pen or pencil. I have researched day timers. The line I absolutely love the most is http://www.franklincovey.com/tc/mediaengine/public/files/31_sampleplanner.pdf It’s got some amazing tips!

Your SmartPhone. Check the app stores. For real. The choices are as varied and plentiful as your individual needs are.

Regardless of what method you use to manage your time, the key here is to be present at whatever it is you are doing. Strive to manage your time properly and effectively so that you don’t have a million things on your mind when you are spending time with your family. This is really a huge step in the right direction.

Hire Me!

Okay, I really want you to. No joke. If you find yourself saying things like I did to my son, or you often forget things, (coffee on the roof of your car, keys at the office, your cell phone, your kids’ softball game, your anniversary) then you need to. How you spend your time, how you spend your day, manage it, manage time, manage tasks, should you “manage” your family?, is so important in your effectiveness and your health and your well-being. One of the reasons I made the decision to become a life coach is so that I could make this world a better place. I know that sounds super lame-o, but really, not to go all one-love on you, but I really do want this world to be better and I know I can lend something to that. In a round-about-way, it all starts with time. So go spend some time doing what you do, be present and tomorrow morning, get a hold me. I will even give you a free session. For realzies.

Thank you all for reading my blog. And thank you to Bert for another amazing and coordinated blog supporting my entry…Time.

I will leave you with this…

Time keeps on tickin’ tickin’ tickin’
Into the future

That’s been stuck in my head the whole time.

skype: season.truax
email: yourlifesolutionscalgary@gmail.com
phone: 403.991.6198


3 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. Ya, that smartphone does some remarkable things. It remembers my ideas and the things I should not forget, so I can continue concentrating on whatever I was doing. At the same time, my mailbox keeps important things on top, and I kind of parse my agenda into it.
    But I cannot schedule time to be alone. It comes when it is there, and has to be taken care of at that right moment, whenever that is, completely disregarding any to do list or mail-app. Time to spend together follows the same unscheduled pattern.

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