Grace. I have always loved that word. Grace. Once I even made a New Year’s Resolution to become more graceful. My momma laughed because she thought that it was impossible for me to become more graceful as I am a 10 on the clumsy scale. (1 being not at all) Just to clarify, I laughed with her because I agree. And I have passed that clumsy gene gracefully unto my daughter. (You’re welcome Missi)

My intention in writing this blog is to not only educate myself on what Grace is but to explore what it means to other people and to bring a little grace back into this world.

Grace, according to my awesomely awesome dictionary is: Seemingly effortless beauty, ease and charm of movement, proportion or form; a charming quality or characteristic; an extension of time that is granted after a set date, as for paying a debt; disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency. (It also says “a virtue coming from God” but I am leaving religion out of this cause I don’t want to cause static)

When I think of Grace, I always think it means to act with dignity and kindness, with a splash of forgiveness and another splash of “I’m not tolerating any negative behavior and will walk away with my head held high.” I have done something really fun here, I have asked for opinions from you guys! And here is what you said!

To me, grace is kind of a combination between humility and class – Dave MacAuley

Arrogance is confidence without grace… – Matthew J. Charlton

Quiet and humble confidence, without temper – Anonymous

It means blabbering some sh*t that makes you feel classy over food haha – (I’m not telling you who said that)

Grace…for me means humility, kindness, and peace – Mystaya Truax

I compared gratitude and being thankful for what you have to the way some families say Grace before a meal…I think it sends the same positive vibes out into the universeJ – Anonymous

To me “grace” means the ability to move through any situation, especially a difficult one without losing your morals and beliefs along the way. – Christine Duiven

Stuff – Matthew Guttridge (thanks son!)

The name of an old, polite lady. – Ty Deer

That is amazing input from all of you. And thank you for your contribution!

How can being graceful be good for you? Simple right? Adding a little positivity to your list of characteristics is never a bad thing right? Being graceful is relatively easy. Not speaking from experience of course… But think about these things and make yourself even more awesomer than you already are!

  • Be thankful. Thank those people who have done you right, have done a favor for you, have done anything that requires thanking. Don’t forget about those “behind the scene” people who otherwise wouldn’t be recognized.
  • Welcome newcomers. We all know what it’s like to be part of a group and how feeling welcomed can make that transition a little easier.
  • Be helpful. I love it when people are helpful. Don’t you?
  • Be calm under pressure. This is a challenging one. I can help you with that…here it comes… HIRE ME! Maybe I will blog about this one…
  • Mind your posture. Why? Because when you sit up or stand straight, it’s not only more healthy in terms of physical alignment, but it also commands respect in that you respect yourself enough to take care of yourself as well as keeps you rooted to the earth. Have you ever slouched during a job interview? Nuh-uh!
  • Take good care of yourself
  • Exude awesome, radiate peace and satisfaction and being of a good hearted nature
  • Use your manners. (that one is for Missi)

There are so many ways in which to be a person of grace. If Grace ain’t yo thang, well, give it a shot.

On that note, thank you all so so much for contributing to this post. It was so much fun. And again, thanks for reading. I welcome your comments and questions.

Season Grace Truax (that’s not my middle name, but let’s pretend it is, just for today)

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