Fun Title!

I didn’t want my post to get lost in the billions of “back 2 school” blog posts. Google it. I dare ya! Wait. Don’t. Stay with me! Read this one! It’s the best!

This is a back to school blog. But not just tips on making that transition easier, but other fun stuff too. Like buying those teen packs for your kids and how they rule. Let’s dive right in shall we?

Whether you have your little baby attending his first day of school, or your giant 12 foot tall son attending his last year of high school or your college age baby getting ready for that first semester back at school, and even you – going back to school for upgrading, or changing careers, these tips will hopefully apply to all.

Schedule time for scheduling!

This is one tip that I absolutely insist on when talking with my clients about time management. It’s so important to not only have a routine planned out, but to set aside a few minutes at the beginning of each day to plan it out. Wake up 5 minutes early and while the coffee is brewing, (don’t forget to enjoy that smell) sit down and make that list. Grocery list, to-do list, whatever. This will give you a sense of control as you go about your day because you have a physical reminder of what needs to happen. If your list starts to get overwhelming, delegate! I had a hard time with this one because I needed to make sure everything was done properly. Well, my children are not daft. They know how to load a dishwasher and how to gather their clothes for laundry. One of them can even go to the grocery store if I ask her nicely. Having a planned out day and a routine that works for you will help you become a more organized person. And who doesn’t want that? And here is a little fun fact: People that make lists are more likely to save money and stay on budget than those who don’t.

Find support!

Having a social support system in place for those times when you are feeling stressed is crucial. If you are anxious about your baby’s first year at college or questioning your decision to return to university at 45 years old, you need to be able to express yourself. Keeping things bottled up inside is so bad for your health in so many ways. Even if you are feeling excited, positive and renewed about your change – it’s such a good thing to share those good feelings. And who knows, maybe you might inspire someone to go back to school or to look at things differently.

Bullying Bullies, Empathy and Love

Bullying doesn’t stop at high school. In fact, it goes on throughout our lives. I will never forget my boss telling me about this nursing home he visited. There was an empty seat at the dinner table. He asked why there was an empty seat and one of the ladies responded, “That’s Barb’s seat. She never comes to dinner because she feels bullied.” Imagine that. In the golden years of your life, a time when you are supposed to be relaxing and visiting and knitting and travelling, you feel bullied enough to not come to dinner. It’s truly a tragedy. And it begins at such a young age. Parents, please. Talk WITH your children. Develop their empathy. I have amazing tools to share with you about if you need some assistance. I urge you strongly – take a few minutes each week to see what’s up with them, tell them about your experiences, ask about theirs. Even if your child is in university or college, ask them questions. Engage them in age appropriate conversations surrounding the topic of bullying. If you just listen, and feel listened to – it makes a world of difference. Develop strategies, be open, and don’t encourage “hit him back” retaliations. Teach them what acceptable behavior is, show them love every single day, and don’t be afraid to seek help from a coach, doctor, or other professional, if you need that extra support. This information isn’t just for victims of bullying, it’s for people who exhibit bullying behavior. If you have an adult friend that you think is a bully, call them on it. Respectfully of course.

Take note of your academic achievements!

Reward yourself, make yourself a certificate, and be proud of your accomplishments. And your children’s accomplishments too. If you pass a test, go to school every single day that month, or your child does, celebrate! These celebrations are not only an excellent motivating factor to reach for the stars, but it shows that you care enough to notice the hard work and dedication it takes to accomplish these things. YAY YOU!

Stay connected and have fun!

Stay connected to your family. Remember the supper table? Yeah. That thing…with the legs and the chairs? Have supper at the table. And for the love of pearl, remember to have fun. Family fun night? What? What’s that? In this super-fast paced world, where work never stops, school work never ends, tasks pile up and exhaustion sets in – set that aside. Live in this very moment with your family, ask questions, see how their day was, joke around, hug, HUG! Go for walks. The family unit is something that needs to be honoured more than it is now, during these times. Recession and staying late and finishing homework are things. Your family is not a thing. It’s important. Your future, your happiness, your children and their happiness all deserve this time.

Awesome Teen-Packs

I don’t know if you got them as a teen or pre-teen, but remember those all-included grooming packages you could buy at the drugstore? They had shaving cream, shampoo, hair stuff, toothpaste, tooth brushes and other grooming stuff? Well, I still love getting them. It was like a fun bonus that I got from my mom when it was back to school time. I encourage you to pick one up for your children as well as yourself. Come on, they are fun! Who doesn’t love watching their children experiment with Dippity-Do gel?

Quick napkin alternative

Okay, so if you are of the sewing kind, or even have a sewing machine, make some napkins out of those old pillow cases or shirts that are too small. This is way more environmentally friendly than buying bleached, treated napkins for your lunches. If your kids are not down with this little thrifty tip, have them chose the material you use. It only takes a few minutes to do. Here are the instructions: Cut your fabric to the desired size, (I favor 6″ x 6″ squares) and sew the edges to prevent fraying. And that’s it. I have used old hoodies, old shirts, old scarves – the possibilities are literally endless. If you spend an evening doing this, you won’t have to buy napkins for your lunches ever. Don’t throw them away when you are done, wash them with your dishtowels. It’s a great way to lessen your carbon footprint.

I know this is a wholelotta (new word…another made up one by me!) information for one little blog post, so if you would like further information regarding any of the topics I have discussed today, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am in this profession because I love helping people. I love that I can watch my clients succeed and grow and surpass their goals and smile and love and be happy, positive people who contribute to society and their own circle of friends and co-workers by sharing my information and my knowledge. So for this week I am opening up my email to you if you need me to expand on any of these topics.

Thank so much for reading this, and all my other posts. Have a great week and don’t forget to hug!

Season Truax, LSC, CMed, CNeg
Owner – Your Life Solutions

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