Communication Part 1 – Gossip…

My first series! YAY! Okay, I’m pretty excited about this. In this three part series, I am going to explore talking. Gossip, voicing our opinions, saying too much, not saying enough and even emails and texting. I think as humans, we are constantly learning, changing, and growing. We are always looking for new and improved ways to communicating, thus our evolved communication methods, new phrases, new ways to communicate and all dat. It’s pretty cool. In fact, there is a whole university subject about where words come from. It’s definitely a subject that interests me. One could say that I am fascinated with it. So, here is my take on Talking! Part uno. 😀

Gossip. Talkin’ smack. He-Said-She-Said. Whatever you want to call it, it all amounts to the same thing. Gossip is never cool. It’s ruined lives. Gossip has even resulted in suicides. We always focus on the families left behind when a loved one has decided that being not alive anymore would be better than facing the kids at school or the guys at work because of gossip. What about the offenders? What would their lives be like? They have to live with the results of their choice to spread gossip and rumors. Yikes. And their families have to live with that stuff too. Two really great movies about this very subject are Disconnect and We Have to Talk About Kevin. I have seen both, and both are phenomenal.

What about the other kind of gossip. The kind that’s true? The kind that you absolutely know to be true because it’s about you. At least some part of it is. What about a quarrel with a lover or a bad day at work. Or something someone has done to you or someone you love? That can’t be gossip… can it be? Yes. How you ask? This is a lesson I learned recently. I talked. And talked and talked some more. I talked about how these things affected me, about the logistics of it, everything I could. I already knew that this was how I process events. However, in my talking, I affected the lives of those around me in a negative way. I am not proud of it at all. This is a type of gossip. I know that we all process differently, but we need to be more mindful about who we process with or to. Lesson learned. Copy that. I think the more important thing to take from this is that we need to be more mindful of what we are saying. Not all of us, of course, but definitely some of us.

With the company I work for, and in this one, (Your Life Solutions) I advocate accurate communication. I love the whole concept of communication. Especially the kind that resolves conflict. I am a Certified Mediator, a Certified Negotiator, a Certified Anger Management Coach and a Certified Life Skills Coach. Needless to say they all have huge elements of communication. Communication in and of itself is something that can be used to gain, to lose, to win, to fail, to manipulate, to kill, to destroy reputations, to put people in jail, to get jobs, to entertain, to teach lessons, to teach children, to ask for things, to bargain for things, to let people know how much you love them, how much you value them, how much you hate them. It can be done via text, email, phone calls, radio shows, movies, music and even a look. These are just a few examples of millions I am sure. It’s pretty fascinating if you ponder it.

Anyway, that’s it! First in a series! Done!


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