Communication Part 2 – Intoxication Communication

I love it when stuff rhymes. Last week’s blog, Communication Part 1 addressed gossip – the many faces of it. This week, we shall tackle intoxication communication. Things like drunk texting, drunk dialing, and talking while under the influence of anything. This first example is an excellent example of how alcohol changes how your brain receives its triggers thus impairing your judgement.

Example 1 – You know the whole “Liquid Courage” that a few drinks can give you… Here’s an excellent example of what I mean. (Names omitted for privacy) After work at a camp waaay up north, a few of the guys went to the woods to relax and have a few drinks as alcohol was not permitted at the camp they were staying in. They were all having a good time until one of the big bosses approached the group of men and said something that not everyone agreed with. The safety coordinator was feeling that liquid courage and thought it would be awesome if he let the big boss know just how much he disagreed with him. Things got a little heated as he kept on arguing with the boss despite his co-workers telling him to stop. I’m not sure exactly what was said, but the next day, the big boss decided that the position of safety coordinator wasn’t needed anymore. YIKES!

Even after one drink, alcohol starts to affect the way our neurons get their firing (pun intended! LOL) triggers from glutamate. The alcohol disrupts the normal trigger/fire part of things and results in slurred speech, coordination, slow muscle movement and yup, judgement. Science is awesome!

Example 2 – Have you ever tried to reason with someone who is intoxicated? Does it seem like a pointless endeavour? Maybe they just don’t understand where you’re coming from. “Why doesn’t she understand?!” Well, because alcohol works by inhibiting the brain. True. Science. When you try and reason with someone who is under the influence, their ability to reason and understand consequence is impaired. And this can seem especially frustrating when you have both been drinking. Furthermore, the ability to retain information is impaired as well. Hence, “Man! I do not remember telling you that you look like a rhinoceros had a baby with a pineapple!”

Many people, okay, like waaay more than that, have found themselves in a bind after a night of drinking for these very reasons. Oh! And the drunk text. Or drunk dialing. One time, I called my mom… I was sure she loved me more than she loved my brothers and I felt the need to tell her at 3am. Also, to let her know that I love her and to thank her for being awesome. She was forgiving with my actions in the morning as she has a clear understanding of what alcohol can do to the brain and I apologized profusely. Drunk texting falls under the same category. Although some of them are undoubtedly funny, but there are some things that you just can’t take back.

So, keep the conversations light. Make a conscience effort to remind yourself not to talk about heated or sensitive things while you’ve been drinking. You still have to be held accountable for the things you said while you were drinking. Even if you didn’t mean them.

Thanks so much for reading my blog! Special shout out to Jordan Wood for helping me with the content of this blog! Thanks Jordie Pordie! 😀 (your mom told me to write that)



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