Update! Your Life Solutions is growing!

Hi Everyone! I have some super exciting news for everyone. Your Life Solutions is growing, we are expanding, adding a few new packages, workshops and even a brand new shiny coach! We even changed our subtitle a tiny bit. We are now Your Life Solutions Certified Coaching & Mediation Services. You may have noticed that we changed the look of our website as well. Your Life Solutions is a very dynamic company and we wanted our website to reflect that. Over the next 2 weeks, we will begin to roll out these new coaching packages. Remember that brand new shiny coach I mentioned a few sentences back? Well, here she is! Your Life Solutions is honored to have Tina-Marie Wood on board as a partner and coach. Here is her intro! (applause)

Tina-Marie Wood, Life Coach

Hi my name is Tina-Marie Wood and this is a short bio on meee!!! I have always liked helping people. In fact I made a career of it. For most of my adult life I worked in the health care industry. My patients, for the most part were either, and sometimes both, mentally and physically ill. I specialized in palliative and elderly care. What I loved most about my profession was talking with the patients. They, as many of my friends and co-workers have, would come to me for advice on everything from relationships to weight loss.

A good friend of mine is a life coach and is currently enrolled in university to update and enhance her current certification as a life coach. For her practicum, she coached me. I immediately fell in love with the coaching process. I loved the accountability aspect of it and the possibilities it opened up for me. My friend and coach uncovered the desire in me to become a coach myself. She said I would be amazing at it!

So after doing some research on this I discovered that I have been doing this on a much lower level my whole life. So I applied for and received a scholarship at a university globally known and respected for their amazing Life Coach Certification curriculum. And now here I am.

This new partnership with Season and Your Life Solutions is where I am meant to be. I am excited to start this new chapter in my life. My first mission was to develop a 6-week health based program. And I did it! Now I am ready to incorporate my own experiences, successes and research to work with you to achieve your health goals. Look for that information in Sunday’s Blog! I look forward to being your coach! J

I can be reached at 587.897.6629, on our facebook page www.facebook.com/yourlifesolutionscalgary or email me at yourlifesolutionscalgary@gmail.com.

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