Walk With Me In The Sun

How many times have you looked in the mirror and swore to never eat dessert again. And you meant it. Until the next time a cheese cake goes floating by. Then all is lost. And you begin the cycle again. I agree with Garfield. Diet IS die with a t.

But my friends, there is hope. It’s foolproof. But it’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. You can eat that floating cheese cake. I have the knowledge, skills and also the experience. I was a size 18 (it was tight) and I felt gross. I was always out of breath and more importantly, my health was in jeopardy. I was big and heavy and hated myself for allowing it to go this far. So I would eat a big bag of chips and feel sorry for myself. Like the WHOLE bag. I finally had enough when I saw myself in my son’s graduation pictures. I didn’t even recognize myself. Shortly after that and many chip bags later, I decided to become captain of my ship. That’s right my friends, I realized that the only person who could change my life was me. I was in charge – not salt and vinegar chips or even cheese cake. (Cheesecake is definitely first mate though) So I needed a plan. Something I could (would) stick with.

I had kids, I had a job responsibilities, I couldn’t cook 2 complete different meals 3 meals a day. There had to be a way. And something that someone like me would follow thru with. I was overweight, depressed, and a pretty unambitious single mom. Yep! I played that card. It was a great excuse that I used regularly. I can’t afford the special foods; my son would not eat a bunch of “diet” food. Was I just destined to be fat? Maybe. NO!!!!!! I was captain of my own ship remember?

So I got on the computer and started looking at things but from a different angle. What I found would really surprise you.

I also had a lot of soul searching to do as well. I had to understand I didn’t get large and in charge overnight and the weight wouldn’t disappear overnight. I learned to savor my victories and learn from my mistakes. I am only human, and sometimes that stupid bag of salt and vinegar chips would sneak into my shopping cart, but I just kept going. I was able to come up with some great strategies and a solid plan.

So the very fact you have stuck with me this far shows you are at least curious about what I found.

As a life coach I am equipped to arm you with the confidence and tools needed to get you started on the road to your new life. It’s definitely not an easy road, but not as hard as you would think. I will share with you all I have learned. My skills as a life coach can show you a different way to view life and where you belong in it. This is a 6-week program designed to get you on the path to a new, healthier, happier self! Give me a call at 587.897.6629 or email me at tinamariewood@hotmail.com. The first person to contact me will get this program for free! For real!

Hey stop letting your life pass you by. Walk with me in the sun.

Thanks for reading my very first blog!

Tina-Marie Wood, Life Coach

One thought on “Walk With Me In The Sun

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