Eye on The Goal and 230 to 222

Hello! I was watching a show on TV. Canada’s Worst Driver. Surprisingly my daughter hasn’t been on this show! HAHAHA! Sorry Missi…had to. J Anyway, there was this “swerve challenge” and the host mentioned that if you keep your eyes on where you want to go, you will end up there. This moose popped out from behind a foam wall and the drivers almost always looked at the moose and ran right into it. The ones who looked at where they wanted to go, ended up there. This got my wheels turning. (Pun intended)

Earlier that morning, I spoke with a friend and I asked her how she got through her hard times. She said, “I keep focused on my goals. I set goals and go for it. It keeps my mind moving forward.” Wow. Ren! You are brilliant! Setting goals can often keep you from feeling down during life’s inevitable rough times. Why do I mention this? Well, along with Canada’s Worst Driver’s show which mentioned keeping your eyes on where you want to go, coupled with this epiphany from Ren, I decided to write about this. I want to share with you why it is so important to set goals!

Goals help you to define what you want. Goals will keep you in focus on which ever direction you want to go. Something that sets apart a “successful” person from an “ordinary” person is that the successful person always thinks about what they want. They wake up each morning and think about what they want to achieve and they go for it. Here is the science behind it. Psychologists, Neurologists and other scientists have determined that if we fail to reach our set goal, our brain treats that failure the exact same way as if we were to lose something that we value. For instance. If we set a specific goal of raising $1000 for a charity and we come short, our brain reacts to this the same way as if we lost our favorite ring. BUT!!! If we reach that goal, dopamine is released. And we all know how amazing dopamine is! Dopamine acts as an excellent motivator. If we reach our goal, we get some dopamine. In short, if we set goals and reach them, we get an elevated mood and life is great! Yay Goals and Brains! Here’s where I come in. I help you to determine what your goals are, specifically and accurately. Then I get you to reach them. Whether your goal is growing your business, changing your career or having a more complete relationship with your kids, having a coach to be your conduit to success is really a huge winning factor in success. True story. Google it!

So, what’s with the 230 to 222? Okay. Deep breath. Huffff….. Okay. 230 is what I weighed a week ago. What? Yeah. I publicly publicized what I actually weighed. And I am gonna do it again! I currently weigh 222 lbs. The reason I am telling you is because I have been following the plan Tina-Marie Wood has developed. Yup. I have a coach. And she is amazing. Tina-Marie has kept me on track and as a result, in the first week I have lost 8lbs. Tina-Marie told me that the reason I have lost so much in the first week is because my body is like, “dude, come on! We can’t be this massive anymore.” So if I put effort into this, the weight will come off somewhat easily. And these simple things she has taught me, keeping me aligned with my goals and holding me accountable, I have managed to lose 8 pounds. I will update you guys weekly and let you know how it’s going! AHHHHH!

The reason I want to get this extra weight off me isn’t because I have delusions of becoming a super skinny bikini model. It is because I want to be energetic and more importantly, healthy. I don’t want to be diabetic, I love my heart and mind and know that the two of those things play a huge role in my health. So if I can keep my heart and mind healthy, my body will be healthy as well. I have 2 amazing kids, Matt and Miss and I want to be around for them as long as I can be. I don’t want them to spend their lives telling themselves that 50 was too young for their mother to die from heart failure or have to take care of me when they should be enjoying their lives because I am obese and have so many health issues as a result of me being careless with my health. I also want to be comfortable should I happen to go out on a date. I don’t want to feel like I have to “suck in” or wear a “slimming” outfit. I want to go and enjoy myself and be comfortable sans muffin top.

Thank you Tina-Marie, for making this week amazing for me. Your motivation techniques, ambition for me to succeed and keeping me accountable is working! I am reaching my goals! People, if you need a weight-loss coach, please, please give her a call. She is amazing. Her number is 403.708.6531.

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