Stress – No thanks! Or Season’s Greetings!

Yes. I did. As one of the few people on this whole entire planet named Season, I get to say Season’s Greetings all the time. In fact, there is a sign in my foyer that says ‘Season’s Greetings” and it is left there 365 days a year. Yay! So, with Christmas fast approaching, here are some WICKEDAWESOME suggestions that were submitted by all of you and researched by me. Let’s get stated, shall we?

Stress is brutal. Unless it’s Eustress. Which, if you recall from a blog I wrote way back, is a good stress and actually does good things for you. Stress causes all sorts of health ailments and strains on relationships and our jobs and kids and pets and all sorts of things and people we value. You see this all the time – especially during the holiday SEASON. I posted on the Your Life Solutions Facebook page asking for your input on some tips, tricks and helpful things to help us through this stressful time. And here they are!

For gifts – set budgets, shop online to avoid crowds. Also love giving homemade items – my friend knits for me, I bake for her. Summer canning makes great gift baskets. Pinterest has lots of easy craft DIY ideas as well. Secret Santa works well for extended family. M.C. Calgary, Alberta

Set a budget. Setting budgets is huge to avoid stress. It’s the number one tip that I have come across. The other thing too, is to set aside time with the family or have a meeting at work to determine the budget so everyone can feel included and that everyone agrees with the budget. Then stick to it. No matter what. If you’ve budgeted $15 for all your nieces and nephews, stick to it. Even if you see the cutest pair of socks for the newest niece, don’t do it. Show that control and restraint. Then celebrate that victory. You just saved yourself an unnecessary battle with your spouse and you can put that money away. Here’s another idea, maybe put that money aside and see how much you have saved by adhering to the budget.

Set time limits. Setting time limits for family parties is another super important tip. Let people know that you can only stay for an hour. Don’t lie about it though. Don’t say, “Oh, sorry, we can only stay for an hour and a half because our mom is coming into town.” The host/hostess won’t get offended if you let them know that you have set time limits to avoid stress. They might even start doing the same. If you’re hosting a party, include an end time on the invitation.

Don’t go to an event or party because you feel obliged to. No one likes feeling obliged to. Politely decline.

Oh, and watch your expectations. Let’s face it, we don’t always get along. I hear all too often about parents with children who don’t get along as adults and stress so much about it during the holiday SEASON.

Stay home if you enjoy it. Don’t get all hermit on us now, but stay home. Enjoy that time. Watch a movie or read my blogs. J

Shopping and buying and making gifts and all that are fun, for sure. But emphasize often what you feel the true spirit of the holidays are. Post a status about how much fun it was playing board games at the family party last night rather than getting the coolest gift.

If you have a therapist or coach or a professional support system, talk with them about the stress you are under. This truly is a hard time of year. And if you need that extra support, get it.

Volunteer if you can. It makes you feel so great. Or even donate to a worthy charity. If you are giving gifts to your family, maybe let them know that the $25 bucks that you and your spouse budgeted is going towards the purchase of a goat for a family in a third world country. Put some shoe boxes together for an organization that will send them to families in need. Make sure you check out the allowable contents on their website though.

Hug. Hugging is so amazing for us. It gives us all sorts of health benefits. Everything from relieving stress to strengthening human bonds. It makes us feel less alone and more loved. Hugging rules. Some people don’t like to hug and that’s cool. Don’t force it on anyone. But hug as much as you can.

A friend of mine lost someone recently. It’s always tragic to lose a loved one. Use this time to tell people what you love about them. And how much you love them. Love!

I hope all of these will help you reduce your holiday stress. All too often we lose sight of what really matters because we have a huge shopping list of what we have to buy for our families or because we have like six Christmas parties to go to and we are exhausted. So smile. Use these tips. And hire a life coach. J

Season’s greetings!

Thanks so much for reading my blog.

P.S. I am down another 3 pounds. I was literally in bed for 2 days and ate like a champ when I felt better. And this wheelchair thing ain’t so bad. I was really worried that I would gain weight because I have to sit down all the time. But then I realized that this isn’t about weight. It’s about being healthier. And there are some alright exercises that I can do to keep toned while in this wheelchair. Thanks Tina-Marie. Being accountable and being excited to eat healthy is way better than the guilt I would feel if I ate gross bad food and feeling heavy and greasy afterwards.

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