Christmas Giving!


Lately it seems that people are opting to not shop so much during the Christmas SEASON. A bunch of people I know are giving non-material gifts, up-cycled gifts or handmade crafts or donations on behalf of rather than the store bought gift. I hear the words: consumerist, capitalistic, materialism, and financial status more and more when discussing Christmas Shopping. I noticed this trend about two years ago.

Like so many parents with awesomely awesome children, I ask, “My perfect little wonderful angels, what would you like for Christmas?” I swear, they always say:

  • World Peace (out of obligation)
  • Cash (cause for real, what 12 or 20 year old wouldn’t want it?)
  • Give the presents you are gonna get for me to charity (really?)
  • My two front teeth (this year, I heard my little Missi singing “All I want for Christmas is just two teeth”)
  • A puppy (every single year. EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!!)
  • Nothing, cause I have everything (right…except that Segwey)
  • For you to actually sell my (brother/sister) to the Gypsies and not just threaten to do it.
  • To end world hunger (cause for real, we can do this)
  • iPhone/xbox/laptop/tablet (challenge: find a kid that doesn’t)
  • Love

On Friday, I was trying to impress my son with my knowledge of what people LOVE. For instance, his sister loves music, Dave Grohl, me and vegetables, his dad loves Bottlecaps, Gibson’s Finest and Dr. Pepper, Malteasers or Whoppers and Dan loves beef jerky and beer. Dan is one of our friends. He’s a super cool guy, best drummer ever, (sorry Danny Carey and John Bonham – for real, Dan O has the skillz that pay the billz) and he is an airplane fixer – he is moving to a tropical paradise to fix airplanes – today. Aww. Anyway, Matt, Missi and I were on our way to go give Dan a goodbye hug when this conversation took place. Matt wanted us to stop at a store so he could get Dan some beef jerky and his dad some whoppers and Matt said, “I like giving people things cause I like seeing them smile.” True story.

My daughter, sweet Missi, makes it a point to say Happy Holidays and smile genuinely to people who look a little down. I have seen the way it can brighten someone’s day. I just love my little babies so much. Okay, I’ll stop bragging now.

Two years ago, the kids and I decided to actually donate their Christmas budget to charity. We did just that. It was pretty cool. And it’s something that I am seeing more and more of. It makes me feel so good to hear that my family and friends are giving stuff to people who need or people being environmentally conscious with up-cycled gifts or really putting heart and making stuff. Yay humans!!!

On the other hand, I remember buying my son toys when he was a baby. All these neat baby toys with buttons and lights and watching his smile and seeing him enjoy it. Last year, I bought the kids a few things for Christmas – there was that sense of accomplishment when I was all done shopping. That “I CONQUORED THE MALLS!” feeling. And spending time with them on Christmas morning and looking forward to going to my mom’s to see my brothers and my niece. Oh! And I love wrapping the gifts with paper.

Although Christmas can be a super stressful time, there are a tonne of amazing things about Christmas. Please take care of yourselves though. Get lots of rest, don’t spend more than you should, hold the door open for someone, say please and thank you and do nice things for strangers and wash your hands so you don’t get sick. Oh! And hire a life coach!


Thanks so much for reading my blog. J

My Healthy Lifestyle Coaching thing that I am doing with Tina-Marie Wood. This week, I lost 2 pounds but then this thing happened and I ate some of my feelings. LOL! It’s been a pretty hectic week and I have been eating out a lot. But there are so many food eating places (lol) that have healthy options. It’s hard for me to go grocery shopping because I am still in a wheel chair. Yesterday, I was incredibly busy. So…. I went to Wendy’s and ordered a 5 piece chicken nugget things and a salad. I ate 3 of the nuggets and was like, “ew…the grease…gross” and couldn’t eat the other two. The salad was frozen so I couldn’t eat that either. We ended up going to the supermarket and I got a salad from there. It’s funny how much my body rejects greasy factory food now. It’s been 4 weeks and I rarely feel heavy. I am seeing such healthy changes. Tina-Marie is really encouraging and the fact that she holds me accountable, to both her and myself really helps. My complexion is better, I sleep better, I have more energy and I have a more heightened sense of awareness of what fuel I am feeding the only body I will ever have. Thank you Tina-Marie!


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