Technical Difficulties and Fun!!! :D

Technical Difficulties

Your Life Solutions has experienced somewhat of a…well, let’s just call it a technical issue. As a result, all of the posts I have written since the last publicly posted post (December 15th, 2013) have not posted. (Say post much?) From my end, it looked like they posted. In reality, quite the contrary. I have worked closely with all involved and YAY COOPERATION!!! We have resolved the issue and we are back to posting! YAY!!! That said, I have 7 posts that are kinda sitting in limbo. Somewhere… I debated archiving them and using them when I am in a pinch and maybe want to have a pajama day or writer’s block or even just posting them all at once. I still haven’t decided so I am just going to leave it for now. This internal debate comes from my commitment I made to myself and the growth of Your Life Solutions. I committed to posting every single Sunday, rain or shine, sleet or snow, whatever or whatever. Plus I think it reflects strongly on my professionalism, ethics, writing skills, eagerness to learn and research as well as my strength and longevity as a sound, dependable, awesome business. And I didn’t sway from that commitment. You guys just can’t see it. Haha? The end result is this: Hi! We are back and I truly hope that these posts continue to serve all of you in a wonderful, positive way. J


When was the last time you had fun? Really had fun. Was it at breakfast this morning or while texting your friend? Was it last night at a birthday party? Or maybe at the New Year’s Party? Or has it been longer? Well, my friends, I was thinking. Fun is so cool in so many ways. And all too often, it’s looked down upon. For instance, a boss may see a few of his employees laughing at the water cooler and shoot that look that means get back to work – fun may seem like it’s a frivolous waste of time at work. You are being paid for work, not to laugh and socialize at the water cooler about last night’s episode of Big Brother. As adults, we have that idea that the fun is over or only supposed to happen on weekends. I wonder who made this rule up and the reason(s) behind it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that there isn’t a time and a place for fun. During an exam or playing a prank during a job interview are not the time. Life is not a joke. However, fun is truly essential to a great life.

What’s your definition of fun? I asked this question a few days ago on the Your Life Solutions Facebook page. Here is what you said:

An activity that makes you laugh

Something you do that you enjoy

No clue

When I bug Missi and she gets annoyed or mad

Guess who that last one is from? The dictionary definition of fun is “Enjoyment, amusement or lighthearted pleasure.” Why do we need fun? Is it really essential to our whole health? Yup. It is. There is a whole circuitry thing going on in our brains that involve several different areas. One is a 2cm by 2cm little area of our brain called the superior frontal gyrus – part of the frontal lobe. This area is responsible for funny=laughter. Another part of the circuitry is the area which is responsible for the emotional part of humor. It produces emotions when we find something funny. Another area is responsible for the “getting it” part of a joke – this is the same area responsible for cognitive development. One more part…the part that makes your muscles in your face move when you smile or laugh. When you have fun, you exercise all of these areas of the brain. Having fun is necessary to the healthy development of our brains.

There are so many benefits to having fun. For instance, it reduces stress, relaxes tension, boosts immunity, and even helps those with respiratory issues. A good hearty laugh can help clear the lungs. True story. Here’s a fun fact; more and more hospitals are adopting the idea of having a “Humour Room” or a “Fun Cart” to boost morale and help healing. If that isn’t proof enough for you, I don’t know what is.

One of the most desired qualities of finding someone special or a mate or a partner or whatever you wanna call it, is someone with a sense of humor. Imagine going on a date with someone who doesn’t think you’re funny, or doesn’t laugh or even smile. What are the chances that you would continue courting this person? I’m guessing, zilch. And if everyone didn’t have fun, we wouldn’t date, marry and have kids. Do you want to be responsible for the demise of the human race? Well, go out there and have some fun then!

Next time you’re having fun, make a mental note of how it changes your mood, outlook or even aspect on something. Will you remember what you’re doing in fondness? Will you do it again? How did you feel before you had fun, and now after? When you take note of these things, you will likely learn from it. Just give it a shot. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!


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