YLS Update and SALE!!!


Hiya! Your Life Solutions has made several changes. One of our most significant changes is the departure of our Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Tina-Marie. Tina-Marie’s skills as a coach were incredible. While I was on her 6-Week Healthy Lifestyle Makeover, I really did make positive changes that have lasted several months after the completion of her program and I made those changes with ease. I am confident they will last – because I love the healthy lifestyle she has coached me towards and truly feel like I am living a healthier life because of those changes. I loved how she found that perfect balance between holding me accountable, being honest about my health and positive support.

Tina-Marie’s background was in Palliative Care. She really felt drawn to return to that field of work and did just that. Although she was incredible at being a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, her true calling is in Palliative Care. And man, she is so amazing at it. She gives those whom she cares for, the dignity, care, respect and dash of fun that every single person experiencing that stage of life needs. Tina-Marie Wood – thank you for everything you have done for Your Life Solutions.


Your Life Solutions is now offering some game changers! YLS is now offering 3 new components to the services that are currently offered. So, here is a quick list of the services we offer.

Fundamental Coaching Package $275/month – Ongoing coaching. 3 sessions per month, weekly check-in calls, 52 key concept coaching topics

Choice Coaching Package $300/month – Ongoing coaching. Weekly coaching sessions, post-session notes, weekly check-in calls, 360 degree review every other month, 52 key concept coaching topics

Premium Coaching Package $400/month – Ongoing coaching. Weekly coaching sessions, session notes, weekly check-in calls, monthly 360 degree review, 52 key concept coaching topics, bonus coaching session monthly, unlimited email access.

Mediation Services $70/hr- YLS employs the 4-Stage Mediation Process/Model. This has proven to be the most successful practice to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome. I have successfully mediated conflicts between neighbors, teachers and students, parents and children and even couples. If you need to resolve a dispute and are struggling, mediation is an excellent choice.

Achieving Goals ***NEW*** – $320 – 6 weekly sessions focused on achieving goals. During this six weeks, clients will define with clarity, what goals they would like to achieve and map out a successful path to reach these goals.

Communication ***NEW*** $320 – 6 weekly sessions focused on improving your communication. Each session will build on the strengths you have already and work with you to overcome barriers that may stop you from saying what you really mean. Learn how to effectively communicate during conflict, through sensitive issues and communicate with confidence.

Resiliency ***NEW*** $320 – 6 weekly sessions focused on building your resiliency. Resilience is a quality that allows some people who get “knocked down” to come back stronger than they were before. Rather than letting failure or loss or bad news take over, you can rise up from the ashes. With this 6 week package, you can learn how.

Your Life Solutions has a deal for you!

For the month of March, the new 6 week packages are all $150.

What? Yup. I am taking $170 off so that you can save some money and I can have some excellent word-of-mouth advertising, a few testimonials and maybe even some referrals. I am super excited about these new packages and am confident that these packages will be game changers in your life. I know it! Send me an email, give me a call, send me a Facebook message and I can answer any questions you have and give you a more detailed description of the package(s) you are interested in.

Thanks so so much for your time.


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