Cleaning – A Deeper Look

Almost a year ago, I wrote about the benefits of making your bed in a post called Make Your Bed! Click here for that post. The statistics are pretty interesting. 72% of people who make their beds consider themselves to be happy. People who don’t make their beds are more likely to dislike their jobs and not own houses. Wacky right? That post is one of my favorites. This post is kind of a follow up to Make Your Bed!

So many of us think that cleaning is a chore or it sucks and we hate doing it. Perhaps this will change your perspective about cleaning and you can cross one more stressor off your life list and enjoy it or at least not hate it so much. Cause hating isn’t healthy or productive and actually can cause health problems.

There is a huge list of benefits of keeping a clean house. I have listed a few below.

Reduces airborne allergens/toxins like dust (skin cells, dander, dust mite dookie).
Reduces surface bacteria and viruses (both of which can make us sick).
Reduces stress and anxiety. 20 minutes a day of activity (including housework) reduces your levels of stress and anxiety by 20 percent.
Improves our concentration because we are less distracted by the clutter around us.
Burns calories by keeping you active.
Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. For real. A brand new study showed that this type of physical activity, (cleaning or doing the dishes) reduces the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. True story.
Reduces the risk of injury (Tripping on toys, clothes, etc.).
Encourages cooking (a clean kitchen is much more inviting than a dirty one).
Encourages social interaction (people are more likely to invite friends and family over if the house is clean).
Reduces the risk of a fire and injury from fire (less clutter to trip over in the effort to get out of the house).

Studies show that there is a direct correlation between the health of people and the cleanliness of their homes. People with clean homes are less stressed, get sick less, are more physically active and are better able to relax and get a good night’s sleep. They spend more time socializing with their family members and as a result, have more solid, happy relationships. The opposite is true for people with a more cluttered home. The build-up of germs, bacteria and dust causes illness. There is also a bigger risk of attracting bugs and rodents and they don’t care where they go number 1 or number 2 and are notorious for spreading disease. People with messy homes are less motivated, more stressed, and even feel guilty because there is this looming feeling like they should get it done, but don’t.

The average person spends 87% of their time indoors. (67% is at home and 18% is indoors at other locations) I was surprised about this fact. But it’s true. And with such a large percentage of our time spent indoors and a large portion of that time spent in our own homes, it’s probably a great idea to keep it clean. Not only for the health have benefits, but the social benefits as well. People with clean homes are generally happier, more active, in better overall health, forge solid, happy relationships, and feel good about themselves. After knowing all this, does it still seem like a bad thing? Or does it seem like a worthwhile activity that you can do to improve your health and relationships?

Believe it or not, there are even people who actually love cleaning. I am one of those people. When I am stressed or anxious about something, I clean more deeply than I normally would. Cleaning is something that I don’t really have to think about while I am doing it. It gives me time to sort out a solution, time to think or time to do the opposite, not think. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment when I am done. Having an organized, tidy, clean living space makes me happy and lucky for me, I enjoy the process too. Hopefully by sharing the info in this blog, something that we all have to do, won’t stress you out or be as much of a chore. Maybe I have even changed your mind about cleaning! And if you still don’t like it, give me a call. For the right price, I’ll come and do it for you!

Thanks so much for reading!


P.S. I feel like I should mention that cleaning with green products is better for our health and the environment. By using natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaners you can keep your home as clean as it would be if you used traditional chemical cleaners. Using green cleaners eliminates the risk of inhaling toxic fumes and ingesting residue left behind by the chemicals used in traditional cleaning products.

Extra reading material:

It’s Spring here in North America and now is the time many people begin the process of spring cleaning. Did you ever wonder about the origins of spring cleaning? I haven’t really – until now. From what I found, it has been suggested that the origins of spring cleaning come from the Iranian Norouz or the Persian New Year. Iranians practice “khooneh tekouni” which translates to house shaking. They clean everything from top to bottom on the first day of spring. Another possible origin is the Jewish practice of cleaning the house in preparation for the spring-time feast of Passover. During Passover, it is forbidden to eat or drink anything that has been fermented or leavened with yeast. They must also rid their homes of the fermented/leavened yeast products. So, they clean it, from top to bottom. Lastly, it is suggested that the invention of vacuum cleaners in the 19th century played a role in the origin of spring cleaning. When they were first invented, vacuums would stir up a lot of dust and blow it around the room, so people would vacuum in the spring. It was warm enough to keep the windows and doors open but cold enough that there weren’t a lot of bugs around to get in.

And there you have it. The origins of spring cleaning! (Please forgive me if I didn’t accurately capture the spelling, terms or history. Please feel free to leave a comment if you like and I will make the necessary corrections.)


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