Your Life Solutions is Bringing Professional Organization Back!

Cupboards AfterCupboards BeforeJust until the end of summer though! Several people have asked if I am still doing Professional Organization. I keep saying no because I stopped doing it last year. I really wanted to focus on Mediation and Coaching. But how can I keep saying no when I keep getting requests? So yes. I would love to! And for those of you who have asked me before, check your emails, I am sending you an email with more information. J

I strongly believe that having an organized home and office make you a more efficient, effective, happy person who has more control over many aspects of your life. I have written about the benefits and effects of having a clean and organized home and office before but for those of you who missed them, here’s the gist of it – from my “Make Your Bed!” post:

  • 72% of people who make their beds consider themselves to be happy
  • 62% of non-bed makers consider themselves to be unhappy
  • Bed makers are more likely to enjoy their lives, their careers, exercise regularly, feel more rested and get a good night’s sleep, and are more likely to own a home
  • Non bed makers are just the opposite. They are more likely to hate their jobs, rent apartments, wake up feeling floppy, and are less likely to exercise.

And from my “Cleaning – A Deeper Look” post:

Studies show that there is a direct correlation between the health of people and the cleanliness of their homes. People with clean homes are less stressed, get sick less, are more physically active and are better able to relax and get a good night’s sleep. They spend more time socializing with their family members and as a result, have more solid, happy relationships. The opposite is true for people with a more cluttered home. The build-up of germs, bacteria and dust causes illness. There is also a bigger risk of attracting bugs and rodents and they don’t care where they go number 1 or number 2 and are notorious for spreading disease. People with messy homes are less motivated, more stressed, and even feel guilty because there is this looming feeling like they should get it done, but don’t.

Further to both posts, being organized really creates that sense of control in your life. For instance, in your usual morning rush, you can’t find your keys. So you run around frantically, searching for them, dump your purse out, enlist the help of your spouse and children, spend maybe 10 or 15 minutes rushing around and then finally, you find them! Yay! But you have lost 10 or 15 minutes looking and now you’re going to be late! The simple solution for that is to get a key hook or a dish on a table or counter by your door and put your keys on the hook or in the dish every single time you walk through that door. That’s organization and control. Essentially eliminating the problem of losing your keys. Another scenario, your boss walks up to your desk. There are papers everywhere, files stacked upon more files, your boss asks you for that report that was due 2 days ago and you can’t find it! You tell him that it’s here somewhere and while he’s standing there, you rummage through your stacks and mess and finally, you find it and hand it over. Now let’s change that scenario around a bit. Your boss walks by your desk and thanks you for the report that was due two days ago – because you already handed it over to him on the due date. No rummaging, no papers in stacks, but an organized space in which to work.

People who have a cluttered and unorganized space are typically distracted by the chaos surrounding them. While they are trying to complete a task, their thoughts are on the mess they can see out of the corner of their eye. Some are even driven mad by it. True! It can keep piling up and become overwhelming.

That’s where I come in. As a Professional Organization Expert, I follow the P.O. Guru, Julie Morgenstern’s method to keep you motivated and organized. Her method is S.P.A.C.E – Sort, Purge, Assign a home, Containerize and Equalize. Her method is amazing and I have learned to apply it to any situation.

Recently, I attended a small business info class (I’m always looking for ways to make Y.L.S. bigger) and the instructor told us about one of the contractors that was working on his house. He was installing something – it was a $1500 job. He never left an invoice or anything but said he would be back in a day or two to give him the invoice. The contractor never showed. Sound familiar? Are you a contractor and your truck is your office? Are you losing receipts and bills and money? I got your back! I will work with you to make your truck office your kingdom! I will keep you on track and keep those papers organized so that you can spend less time wondering where that home depot bill is and more time working…or playing.

Most Professional Organization companies offer a free consultation. (I strongly suggest that you call at least two or three of these companies and see which one works best for you.) And so does Your Life Solutions. During this free consult, I will meet with you in your home or office – or truck – and work out a detailed strategy that will work within your budget and schedule. I’m pretty flexible. Then, should you choose me, we will get your life and space de-cluttered and beautifully organized. Sometimes this can be perceived as an embarrassing problem. Please don’t think of it this way. As your Professional Organization Expert, I promise to be non-judgemental, I won’t point and laugh. Rather, I will encourage and support and be your cheerleader. I will hold you accountable and celebrate your successes. It’s really a cool process.

So, give me a call or email and let’s get this party started!

Thanks so much for reading.


Here are some Before and After photos.

Workspace Before (1)


Workspace After (2) Workspace After (1)Bedroom Before (2)Bedroom After (1)


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