Heat, Freezing Pillows, Air Conditioner Alternatives and Mental Health!

Sweet monkey the heat! Calgary, Alberta – home of the Calgary Stampede has seen well above average temperatures for July and it’s expected to remain hot. In my books, anything above 24 is hot. It’s unbearable for this fair-skinned, redhead. When the sunshine hits my skin, it feels prickly. For I am sensitive. Adding crazy heat into the equation makes matters worse. For the last 13 days, our average temperature is 26.8 degrees centigrade. Our average for this time of year is 22.5. I’m cool with 22.5 and a cool breeze. But our hottest day so far has been 32 degrees centigrade. Why? Why does it need to be this hot? Anyway, I bought an air conditioner. 14,000 BTU’s of gorgeous cold air. Mmmmmm. It’s truly amazing. As an added bonus, it uses R-410A refrigerant. R-410A was developed in the late 1980’s as a more environmentally friendly option than its predecessor, R22 – or Hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC). HCFC, when released into the atmosphere, causes depletion of the ozone layer but R-410A does not. Well, unless it’s mixed with other greenhouse gasses – which it will be – eventually, right? So to offset my carbon footprint, I am stepping up my recycling game. This environmental educational moment has been brought to you by Your Life Solutions.

Your Life Solutions Mediation & Coaching services is about whole-success. Not just financial or betterment success, but the things you can do to medically stay healthy and successful. I thought this would be the best time to share with you a few things you can do to stay healthy in this heat. If we aren’t careful, we put ourselves at risk of health concerns ranging from heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke all the way up to a deadly disease called cancer. So here are a few fantastic ideas to keep us healthy and cooler during this supercrazyhot summer:

  • Fill a clean spray bottle with water and keep it in the fridge and mist yourself as needed.
  • Look for “no-cook” meals. You won’t have to stand near a hot stove on sweltering days!
  • Experiment with water. You can add things like cucumbers and mint, watermelon, lemon/lime, the possibilities are literally endless!
  • Wear light colored clothing. It helps to reflect the sun’s heat and rays. Bonus! Wear cotton! It’s super breathable.
  • Put your pillow in the freezer! Honestly, I have these two smaller pillows and a large shopping bag – 2 hours before I sleep I throw them in my freezer. It’s magic.
  • For a homemade air conditioner how-to, click here (you don’t have to use Styrofoam, you can use a Tupperware container)
  • Avoid sugary snacks, alcohol and caffeine. These things actually make you more dehydrated! Truthfully, coffee is a must for me but I do limit it when it’s hot.
  • Fill water bottles halfway with water and freeze them. That way, before you leave for your company picnic or river rafting adventure, you can grab a few of them, fill them the rest of the way up with water and they stay colder for way longer.

I thought these few tips were super essential to staying cool and healthy during the hot summer. Speaking of staying cool…

Did you know that heat can affect our mental health too? Whaaaaa??? Yup. According to a study done by the Canadian Mental Health Association, during heat waves, there is an increase in suicides and an increase in aggressive behavior. Especially in individuals with anxiety and other mental health concerns or disorders. The heat causes our neurotransmitters to go off balance. When neurotransmitters go off balance, it causes difficulties in what our brain does. The brain is responsible for our moods and as a result, our moods are off kilter, which makes us more irritable, cranky, aggressive, not affectionate, etcetera. The heat can cause us to feel tired, irritable, cranky and short-tempered. People hug less! And we all know how important hugging is to our overall wellbeing! (Click here!!! Click here!!! Read how hugging is awesome!)

So throw your pillow in the freezer, give someone a hug and drink some water! Enjoy the rest of your summer in a healthy, cool fashion. Thanks so much for reading my blog!


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