Mediation/Conflict Resolution

Certified Mediation Services/Conflict Resolution Sessions – $70/hr

Season Truax graduated from Mount Royal University in 2008. She is a Certified Mediator and Certified Negotiator and has a certificate in Conflict Resolution. Her niche is resolving conflict between:

  • Parents – Children/Teens (Families)
  • Teachers – Students
  • Teachers – Parents
  • Student – Student
  • Neighbors (Condo boards, barking dogs, fence issues, etc.)
  • Siblings
  • Former couples moving forward after divorce
  • Current couples

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve disputes between 2 or more parties. The mediator is a neutral 3rd party who will guide the participants through the mediation process or conflict resolution session so that they can work towards and achieve a resolution which is agreed upon by all participants.

Conflict Resolution Sessions are a less formal way to resolve conflict mainly within the family unit but are by no means less effective. Conflict Resolutions Sessions are discussion based sessions which create an environment where all parties feel comfortable, at ease and most importantly, understood.

Both services foster and encourage

  • Healthy and clear communication
  • Empathy/Understanding
  • Structure
  • Accountability

The most widely used mediation format, and the one used by Your Life Solutions is the 4-Stage Mediation Process.

  • Stage 1 – Preparation, introductions, guidelines and commitments
  • Stage 2 – Defining or clarifying issues and setting the agenda
  • Stage 3 – Exploring interests, getting to know what is driving the situation
  • Stage 4 – Negotiating a resolution by generating options, evaluating options and detailing steps for implementation.

A common misconception is that mediation is a tool used to decide who gets the children on the weekend and how much the support payments will be after a divorce. The truth is that mediation is commonly used for things like strengthening the family unit and opening lines of communication, understanding your children as they grow into young adults, resolving disputes between neighbors, teachers and students, married couples and even to reach solidarity as a family after divorce.

If you have any questions or to inquire about or book a free 1/2 hour consultation, please call or email Season.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. – S. Covey

verified by Psychology Today

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